Monday, July 13, 2009

How the western media lied over the 'Religion of Peace' in China

When the news of bloody race riots in China were first reported in the western media last week the initial reports were all essentially based around the same headline: 'Chinese massacre 156 minority Uigar Muslims'. It turned out to be exactly the opposite to what was claimed. Muslim gangs (typically fired up by a false rumour - spread from the mosques - of killing and rapes of Muslims by the Han chinese) went on a wild rampage with axes and knives killing every Han chinese civilian they could get their hands on. They killed 137 civilians and it was only after this that the Han retaliated killing a small number of Muslims. When the real story became known to the media outlets the word Muslim was eradicated from almost every news report. So all that people would know is that some 'sectarian riots' took place somewhere in China. In fact if you do a google search of "Muslims massacre Chinese" what you get is site after site reporting Muslim anger that THEIR people were massacred by Chinese.

For more pictures of this typical piece of "Religion of Peace" savagery see here.

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lady_luck said...

They do this in Britain all the time. Take for example, a recent, non-racist anti-islam group called the English Defence League went to protest in harrow about a mega-mosque (Jihadi central) going up. Outpourings of radical muslim thugs in balaclavas turned up armed with bricks, bottles, firecrackers and weapons which they hurled at police and deomonstrators alike. They started all the violence. Yet the mainstream media, when reporting on it, showed only the faces of angry, white men, and didn't highlight that the violence infact was instigated by the pro-muslims, and in a very violent, ugly fashion. Instead the left-winged media shamelessly labelled the EDL a 'far right' 'islamophobic' group rather than trying to assess that they infact were standing against fascism i.e islamofascism.