Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Religon of Peace" maintains its peaceful image with Western media

If Israel kills Hamas terrorists in Gaza in the act of launching rockets the muslim world is outraged and the western media goes into overdrive to cover events and denounce the Jews. Yet Fatah muslims blowing up Hamas muslims in Gaza, even when a 4-year-old child is one of the victims, is not considered sufficiently important to merit a single word in most newspapers or even on the 24-hour news channels (Al-Jazeera, which devoted hours of coverage when an arrested Palestinian was shot in the foot with a plastic bullet by an Israeli soldier also somehow managed to avoid the events on Saturday). Today's Sunday Times weighs about three tons, but apparently they do not have enough room to say a single word about what happened in Gaza. Nor do they have a single word to say about the multiple bomb attacks by Islamists in India yesterday that killed dozens.

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Anonymous said...

Jewish people, wake up!!! wake up men. stop mouthing mealy mouthed politically correct peace and harmony. what happened to your fighting spirit? establish alliances actively with the non muslim world. in europe and america, work with the government to expose islamic anti semetism. come on guys. you are the leaders of the world. look at israel and its achievements. i am an indian. i admire israel and see how india and israel suffer terrorism. jewish, asian, black infidels must unite to fight the mohammadan menace. long live israel. long live india. God Bless the United States of America.