Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Terrorist Incitement by George Galloway MP

I've just posted the following self-explanatory letter to the Prime Minister. If you can stomach it you should watch the video link in the letter to know what we are up against. And also note the reaction of our enlightened Jordanian 'friends'.

The Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister

Terrorist Incitement by George Galloway MP

On 15 May 2008 George Galloway delivered a speech in Amman Jordan that was shown on Al-Jazeera TV. I have attached the transcript of the speech. The actual footage is available here:

This speech includes a call for the violent destruction of the State of Israel, which is especially concerning since it was delivered in Jordan – one of only two Arab countries officially at peace with Israel. It also contains a number of instances of glorification of terrorism (as well as, curiously, the glorification of Saddam Hussein). While Galloway never mentions the word ‘Jew’ (instead referring to Israeli Jews as being either ‘occupiers’, ‘colonialists’, or simply ‘gunmen from Brooklyn, London, Paris, and Moscow’) the speech is deeply offensive to Jews at all levels.

On 16 March 2008 I wrote to the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith about a related subject (and have received no reply or even acknowledgement). I attach a copy of that letter. The point about that letter is that the Government of the UK has legislation to handle incitement to terrorism, but has badly misused it.

I would like to know whether you intend to use the legislation now against George Galloway.


faceless said...

Perhaps you'd like to explain what the problem is with a person saying something in a country about another country which is illegally occupied by a third?

faceless said...

and by the way, I've never met a single person who feels threatened by Palestinians (other than the fucking Israelis who are stealing their land of course) so please stop your emotive attempt to make people feel scared when there is no threat.

JohnBaker68 said...

Last time I checked it was Israel that was the brutal occupier and the Palestinians who were one of the most subjugated people on earth. How did your view become so distorted? Where did your compassion and humanity go?

Anonymous said...

Oh do shut-up Davidson you stupid pratt. You do not have a clue about anything.

Where exactly was the incitement?
Except your own bigoted incitement of hatred against Mr Galloway.

My Father's family fought to save the Jewish people in the second World War - and died for hiding them. What do we have now? Zionist Facism and genocide of the Palestinains - get real you complete arsehole.

Galloway is a hero who history will remember as the greatest man of our time. Now fuck off and get a life.

Anonymous said...

Your blog seem to attract some rather nasty trolls, probably best to ignore the ignorant.

Anonymous said...

' Galloway is a hero who history will remember as the greatest man of our time. '

Certainly, without a doubt. A man of integrity, honour and peace. Noted animal lover, to the extent that he can't resist imitating them in his professional life, e.g ' Would you like be the cat? ' to Rula Lenska in Celeb Big Bro, and more regularly his ongoing impersonation of a rat. The latter triumph of mimickry is uncanny. How does he hold it for so long?

faceless said...

To the last anonymous oaf -
your comments are hackneyed, trite and dull. And being anonymous makes you a coward too.

Well done on proving how narrow your scope is and how small your balls are.