Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Palestinian Women

The UK media were falling over themselves to condemn Israel for 'killing Palesinian women' in the last week. Headlines such as "Israelis kill women in mosque" were prominent. Of course the real story was somewhat different with the women answering Hamas calls to act as human shields for 60 terrorists who were inside the mosque. The fact that it appears that at most one woman was killed and that all the terrorists were allowed to escape among the women (with some actually dressed in women's clothes) did not of course make the headlines. And no doubt there would have been an international outcry if the Israelis had shot this 'unarmed Palestinian woman' before she detonated herself in front of them today. Much as I am sure in the future we will be hearing the media demanding the release of these 'innocent Palestinian women' who were part of a terrorist cell captured today. Still we can always be comforted that the hundreds of Palestinian schoolgirls protesting against Saddam Hussain's death sentence were unarmed as they cried out "Beloved Saddam, strike Tel Aviv".

While on the subject of Islamic women I was watching the film Independence day recently and I couldn't quite think who the Alien in the mothership reminded me of:


Woman in niqab

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