Thursday, August 17, 2006

Islamafascists in the UK are now suppressing free speech

There is a truly alarming story on Harry's Place about how an employee at Orange has been suspended after writing what seem to me to be pretty accurate satirical statements on a web site. I've fired off the following self-explanatory letter to (I encourage others to do the same).

Dear Mr Jackson

I was very disturbed to read about the suspension of Orange employee Inigo Wilson for harmless/satirical comments he made on a website that has nothing to do with Orange. This is a clear denial of freedom of speech. What makes this suspension particularly disturbing is that it appears to have been prompted by protests organised by the Islamic fascist organisation MPAC. This organisation has consistently promoted genuinely racist material and is a known front organisation for a number of groups who seek to replace democracy in the UK with Islamic Sharia law. It is therefore especially despicable to give in to an organisation like this on an issue of free speech. Their agenda is all about suppressing information about the true nature of Islamic Jihad.

Edgar Davidson

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