Monday, July 31, 2006

We're off to Israel for a couple of weeks

The Davidsons are off to Israel for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Hezbollah and their Iranian/Syrian paymasters we had to change our plans a bit (we were due to stay in the Carmel Forest) but in any case it will be a relief to get away from the endless and vicious anti-Israel campaign being mounted by the bulk of the UK media. Some recent things I'm trying to get my head round are:
  • The so-called 'peace movement', which actually campaigns for the destruction of Israel by force. Despite being run by an alliance of the Islamafascist Muslim Association of Britain and the Trotskyists, the media continues describe these people (and the useless idiots who go along with them) as 'peace activists' , even while they chant "Bomb, bomb, Tel Aviv" in Trafalgar Square. And not one person ever questions why the 'peace movement' has no objection to the war of genocide going on in Darfur (conducted by Islamafascists), nor the one in Somalia (conducted by Islamafascists) nor the myriad of other places (India, Iraq, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Afghanistan) where the Islamafascists are massacring civilians as a matter of choice.
  • The obession with civilian casualty numbers - providing it is non-Muslims who can be blamed. The fanatical outcry over the Kana bombings (where every report totally ignored the facts that Hezbollah had fired dozens of rockets from the very spot AND had clearly manipulated the media images) has probably been the most hysterical reaction to any single wartime bombing in history. In war civilians are likely to get killed especially if, as is the case here, the 'hosts' use them as human shields from which to fire. Given the scale of the operation the number of civilians killed by the IDF is remarkably small compared to other campaigns (think Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and World War 2). The most obvious proof of Israel's obsession to minimise civilian casualties was in their decision to go 'door-to-door' in the south Lebanese Hezbollah villages which cost so many Israeli soldiers lives.
  • The fact that a 60 year-old Israeli doctor is adbucted, killed and burnt by Islamic Jihad to the usual proud Palestinian rejoicing is totally ignored by the UK media.
  • The fact that an Islamafascist goes on a rampage to kill as many Jews as possible in Seattle USA is totally ignored by the UK media
  • The fact that George Galloway has still not been prosecuted despite this outrage and his funding of Hamas terrorists as exposed here.
  • The fact that WH Smith will not stock Melanie Phillips' book Londonistan (exposing the Islamafascists in London) even in their Brent Cross store, presumably for fear of Muslim 'retribution'.

Watch the whole of the film Obsession to see the nature of the Islamafascist threat facing us all. If you need a simple reminder of what it is really all about read Melanie Phillips.

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he who is known as sefton said...

something tells me, you'd be interested in reading a copy of an e.mail, recently sent out to a bunch of Jewish bloggers . . .

it's a good bet, you'll concur with much of the content in the references . . . by the way, the text begins after the immediately following three dots . . .

If you've opened this communiqué, because you found the previous ones interesting, please let me assure you. You won't be disappointed. Provided, that is, I've correctly assayed the intensity of your interests in the Middle East.

I'm inviting you to begin by clicking on the longer hyperlink below. By doing so, you'll bring up my blog post article with begins with my musing about the organizations that abducted Israeli military personnel. The graphic you'll encounter replicates a reader's letter of mine to the good people at The PRESS & SUN-BULLETIN, the major regional daily for New York state's Greater Binghamton area.

In a sense, what's being offered is a "consolation prize". For a while there, I contemplated writing a piece with the title, and I'm quoting,

"Did (?) Hezbollah fail to rescue (!) Islam".

However, I decided to postpone undertaking the task. Instead, I prognosticate, in my "concluded second sefton potpourri", the termination of the myriad of wonderful social services, provided by Hezbollah.

Anyway, my piece titled "reckoned in bloodshed" goes from the aforementioned reader's letter, and concludes with my disclosure of "Hezbollah's dirty little secret". I'm willing to wager my five doughnuts to some foolhardy soul's three that you'll find it interesting, if not enlightening.

.he who is known as sefton

. . . oh, yeah, perhaps, you'd like to try a scenic route. If so, you're in luck. Just so happens, there's a hyperlink to my blog on the "Hear, O Israel" blog. Clicking on the maroon hyperlink you just passed brings up that blog. Once that blog is brought up, look for the "Alexander Stella's Musings" hyperlink. After that blog is brought up, then look for my "reckoned in bloodshed" post.