Monday, May 15, 2006

Media idiocy

There is little worse in the media than presenters whose notion of 'even-handedness' is to believe that any two sides of any story must always be treated as absolutely equal. The epitomy of this idiocy is Nick Ferrari - the voice of LBC. So, for example, in a discussion about the July 7 bombings enquiry last week he cut short a very eloquent caller who was citing some statements made by members of the Muslim Parliament glorifying suicide bombers. The pompous idiot Ferrari said he was not going to allow Muslims to be defamed without similar defamations being made about other religious groups. If you can work out the logic of that good luck to you, but the implications are that he will not allow valid criticisms of Muslims unless there are equal criticisms made of members of other religions. So, until Jews and Christians start blowing people up in London I guess that's goodbye to any rational arguments. And just think this was the day after Nick Ferrari's show was voted the best radio phone-in in the UK.

So it's hard to think that UK media is much better than this classic example (courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch) of a popular Egyptian music video. You must see it.

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