Saturday, April 08, 2006

Getting tough with the bombers

As the rocket attacks against Israel intensify (ignored of course by the entire UK media) Israel has been striking back in the last two days with targetted strikes against terrorists who had just launched rockets or who had been training to do so. In one of the attacks senior bombmaker Iyad Abu Aynayn was killed with his seven-year-old son and four other armed men as they actually left a terrorist training camp. Of course you can guess how the BBC teletext ran this story - focus on the child killed without any mention of who he was with or why he was there. In fact it appears that, apart from this terrorist's son, every single death has been of a terrorist. Sounds like something the West should be applauding, not criticising in the usual way.

And there is a classic video clip from Al Jaziera TV of an Arab/Danish student conference dialogue here. Especially amazing is the bit at the end where the Sudan representative says "
I would like to say that tomorrow America will pass a resolution in the U.N. Security Council calling for international military intervention in Sudan. Among these forces, obviously, there will be Danish forces. I would like to inform you that because the Sudanese people are so angry over this affront, they will kill the Danish soldiers before they kill the others.". The Arab Students Union Chairman then says: "Don't translate that word for word. Just say that the Sudanese will put up resistance against them." Sums up everything about the Arabs (and these are the most intelligent among them) - lying, bloodthirsty fanatics.

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