Saturday, October 29, 2005

More reaction to Iran

The Sun seems to be the only British newspaper that recognises the seriousness of Iran's threat to Israel and the West -- it covered the initial story on page 2, and followed today with another news item, an editorial and a 2-page spread about Ahmadinejad on pages 32-33 with the heading "The most evil man in the world".

Unfortunately, plenty of the British public (who've been brainwashed by the BBC in the last few years into believing that Israel and the USA are the real threats to world peace) seem to think this is all an American-Zionist plot to create a pretext for military action against peace-loving Iran. Have a look at the following sample of posts on the BBC website highlighted by Melanie Philips today:

• It is also somewhat in poor taste for us Brits to condemn Ahmadinejad's fiery wording when our government has stood by an American President who is even more guilty of such charges. Bush and Blair led an illegal war where thousands of innocent people have died and for us to now turn around and comment from afar on a situation in the Middle East that we have made far worse is beyond belief...
• Is this story true? The current American regime is expert at creating faked excuses for military and political action. The WMD scam in Iraq for example. The Americans who operate in concert with Israel have made almost daily unsubstantiated threats against Iran, Syria, and any country that opposes a domineering foreign policy. Maybe Iran is just sick of Americans...
• Israel continues its brutal human rights abuses against Palestinians ...and the rest of the middle east therefore continue to hate Israel. In a nutshell. When will we see justice for the innocent people killed? America provides billions of dollars annually to Israel, which is used on advanced military hardware mercilessly against palestinian people. Only when the killing stops will ties be mended.
• OK, his remarks were a bit strong, and personally I do find them offensive. But I'm not sure it's any worse than what Bush said about Iraq, and at least Ahmedinejad is using only words, not bombs.

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