Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Omar Bakri and the killing of Jews

Islamic fanatic Omar Bakri has left the UK for Lebanon, but apparently it's only a holiday. Although Tony Blair explicitly named Bakri as one of the fanatics who would be deported from the UK in September, John Prescott announced yesterday that he was actually free to return to the UK as "he had committed no crime". Now we hear today that Bakri not only intends to return in a few weeks time but that he is going to have a heart operation courtesy of the NHS.

What I have never understood about Bakri is why he has not been charged for his role in the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv undertaken by British Muslims Asif Muhammad Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif in April 2003. After the Tel Aviv attack, Bakri told The Daily Telegraph, "I knew Sharif very well, and he used to attend regularly at my sessions. He was my brother, and I am very proud of him and any Muslim who will do the same as him." (See here for a full description). It later transpired that Bakri had tutored both of the bombers shortly before the attack.

You only have to listen to any one of the so-called 'moderate' Muslims who have taken over our TV screens since the London bombings to realise that these guys, while mostly condemning the London bombings, cannot brings themselves to condemn suicide bombings in Israel (in fact many of the leaders of these 'moderate' Muslim organisation actually have gone on the record as fully supporting suicide bombings in Israel). So we know that the British Government thinks it is perfectly legal to support and glorify terrorism when it is committed against Jews outside the UK. But surely the act of planning such terrorism (as Bakri himself claims he has done) is a criminal offence. So why has Bakri never been charged?

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