Friday, May 27, 2016

How to win a UK child's charity award - make a speech full of lies and blood libels against Israel

Update: As you can see from clicking the link, the video has now been removed from the Speak Out Challenge website but here below is a screenshot I saved and the whole video is actually interspersed with this response video from Brian of London which is also on my update here.

UPDATE: see here for good news and bad news outcome to this story.

Thanks to Daphne Anson for first alerting me to this story.

How do you win an award with a British Charity whose mission statement is
To enable young people (aged 11 – 25 years in London and Essex), to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development.  
Obviously, you make a hate speech containing nothing but blood libels against the State of Israel (a speech that also includes the statement "Islam is perfect" and ends with the raising of the Palestine flag and the call to "Free Palestine" which is wildly applauded). Here is self-explanatory letter I have written to the person in charge of this particular scheme at the Charity:

Dear Ms Griffiths (
I have been a long term supporter of the Jack Petchey Foundation [personal details were added here].  What I was not aware of was that the Charity was now in the business of supporting vicious blood libels against the State of Israel.
Specifically, I have watched the speech by Leanne Mohamad of Wanstead High School  that won the 2015-16 Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge Redbridge Regional Final. This speech consists of three minutes of solid lies and blood libels claiming that every day since 1948 (when the State of Israel was established) the 'defenceless' Palestinians have been slaughtered, with 30,000 children murdered.
For the record there are no verified instances of Palestinian children being 'murdered' by Israel, although many dozens have died as a result of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups launching unprovoked rocket attacks against Israeli civilians (often from schools and hospitals) and then using their own children as human shields when Israel has responded. In fact, Amnesty International (an organisation that has traditionally been hostile to Israel) reported just this week that most of the child casualties of the 2014 conflict (that was started by Hamas) were actually killed by Hamas rockets falling short of their 'target'.  In contrast, there have been several hundred Israel children murdered by Palestinian terrorists who all operate as part of 'official' groups (Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad) and each such murder is a cause of rejoicing in the Palestinian territories. A catalogues of the most recent murders can be found here. Three especially brutal examples you should read up about are:the Ma'alot School massacre; the Haifa school bus massacre; and the Fogel family massacre.
As for the lie that Palestinian children cannot sleep because they are 'bombed every night', perhaps Ms Mohamad is actually thinking of the Jewish children of Sderot who really were bombed almost every day between 2005 and 2014 by the Palestinians of Gaza.
You must surely be aware that supporting hateful and vicious political propaganda puts the Jack Petchey Foundation in breach of its Charity Commission obligations as made clear in the Commission's document here.  
Before I make a formal complaint to the Charities Commission I would like to know what the Charity is going to do about it and, in particular, whether and when it plans to at least put the record straight for the children of Wanstead High School, in terms of ensuring they hear the truth about what is happening in 'Palestine'.  
Yours sincerely
I have also written to Mr Hamlyn ( the Head Teacher at Wanstead High School and Trudy Kilcullen  (CEO of the Jack Petchey Foundation CEO, And I copied in Jonathan Arkush (President of the BoD) as this must surely be of concern to them.

UPDATE: see here for good news and bad news outcome to this story (including response to my letter).

Incidentally I should really sue Ms Mohamad for plagiarism** (**satire for all you antisemites out there) since it seems her speech was based entirely on my definition of what it means to be a Palestinianist:


  1. Anonymous8:43 am

    The award to this liable by your charity is an absolute disgrace,what has now happened to this brain washed child? How has the school and charity responded to bring a proper historical and factual discussion in front of the whole school ,and parents ?

  2. Do you have the details of the charity which runs this award. I will write to them, the Charity's Commission and the Minister for Education.

  3. Do you have the details of the charity which runs this award. I will write to them, the Charity's Commission and the Minister for Education.

  4. Stephen Ryde: It is the Jack Petchey Foundation
    Write to the CEO Trudy Kilcullen at

  5. Excellent, Edgar. Looking forward to learning what answer you receive.

  6. Daphne: How did you come across the story in the first place? In all my years of blogging this is actually the most disturbing thing I have seen (OK there are personal reasons as well here which I will mention off-line). Everything about it stinks. The facts that: a well-educated child can be that brainwashed and full of hate, the School felt it was an appropriate speech to make, the Charity (which has NEVER to my knowledge been involved in any political activity of any sort) loved it; and the raucous applause of the audience. Seems to suggest that the UK has not just simply accepted the entire 'Palestine' narrative, but also accepted it as the most important 'problem' of our age. The Leanne Mohamads represent the future political leaders of the UK. There is no hope for British Jews....

  7. She would have been given presentation training. This should also be sent to the Speakers Trust this is their programme

  8. Thank you Edgar and Spencer for following this shocking event up with Charity commission and other bodies.

  9. WOW israel has such advanced weaponry!! and the poor poor palestinians (or should i say, fakestinians) have no weapons and are soooooooooo vulnerable. and yet after "bombing them for over half a century" israel is still unable to wipe them out. hmmm.... something smells fishy here. it stinks of islamic jew hatred as ordained in the koran. and as demonstrated by this brainwashed islamonazi muslima bitch. islam pisslam shitslam.

    1. Anonymous10:42 pm

      When Unpleasant people the hasbara are. Not very good advertisements for Israel or Judaism.

  10. Jude Habib: See the update with the response from the Speakers Trust:

  11. Anonymous1:25 am

    That's unbelievable awful. What does it say about the culture in the UK? It's terrifying.

  12. Jude, what you said here struck me, too.

    That was a very polished and practiced performance.

  13. Edgar, I stumbled across the story in this rag:

    You're to be commended in swinging immediately into action. Heartiest congratulations on what you have achieved so far.
    There seems to be a concerted assault on schools at the moment - here in Australia a pro-Palestinian play found its way onto the English/drama curriculum for the school leaving certificate in the state of Victoria for 2015-16.

    And of course, as David Collier wrote recently on his blog, the NUT has been up to its nonsense.

  14. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Palestinian children are never murdered by Israel? Except the well publicised case of the Palestinian boys killed on the beach playing football.

    Your hatred of your fellow humans is utterly disgusting.

    1. Anonymous4:23 am

      And your Jewish hatred is showing again. The "well publicised" case of "Palestinian" boys killed on the beach playing football is just as fake as the Fakestiniansun themselves. But go ahead and send them more billions so they can stab to death 2 year old Jewish children in their beds. Your hatred of Jews is utterly disgusting.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Revised:
    The fact that you felt it reasonable and necessary to write to the charity speaks volumes about how threatened you by the words of a young girl speaking in a small competition. Some of her words may not be exactly verified or backed up with primary historical texts/stats - she's merely a 15 year old entering a children's competition. She doesn't have the resources. But the fact that you reacted to her words gives even more weight to them. Tremendous words from a new generation proving that the decendents of the Palestinians do not loose their awarness and valour on a pertinent global issue.

  17. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Got screenshots of those nasty tweets you Srnt her. And the ones where you said that sports relief and the save the children are disgusting anti-Semitic organisations . You're helping crazed Likudite Israel lose the war