Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today in London my best friend's wife was assaulted by Muslim anti-Israel demonstrators

Don't be a Jew in London. Note the antisemites' banners are prepared by the Socialist Party

The UK's anti-Israel frenzy knows no bounds. My best friend's wife "Charlotte" (a 5 feet tall 57-year old lady who wants this story publicised but wishes to remain anonymous) was surrounded and assaulted by several Muslim anti-Israel fanatics in the middle of Oxford Street in broad daylight. She was shopping there when the demonstrators came marching down the road shouting "Free Free Palestine and Zionists murderers". The photos she took here are from just before the assault (next bit is an update to the original posting). Charlotte (who is a proud Jew) said:
"As they passed by with their disgusting chants I said 'Why are the Palestinians firing rockets at my daughter in Tel Aviv?' At that point they cried out "get her" and several of them left the march and came on to the pavement. They surrounded me, pushing and yelling Jew/Zionist/murderer/thief. One of them stole my phone, but a steward who witnessed what happened was able to recover it 5 minutes later. I was shaking and my neck now hurts. It was awful for me - how is this possible in Oxford Street in 2014?"
Bizarrely, the demonstrators were marching from the BBC building in Regent Street where they had been demanding an end - would you believe - to the BBC's "pro-Israel bias" (update: Daphne Anson has a report on the demo). The police have now allowed 4 violent anti-Israel demonstrations in central London in the last 2 weeks and another massive one is planned for Saturday****. That one is being led by the "Stop the War Campaign" - ironic given that it is the Palestinians today who decided that they did not want to stop the war under any conditions after Israel agreed to a ceasefire. Also ironic given that the "Stop the War Campaign" (which was originally set up to oppose the war in Iraq) has not managed to hold a single demonstration against the war in Syria (200,000 dead in 3 years), the current one in Iraq (100,000 dead in the last 6 months) or the myriad of other conflicts around the world where Islamists are murdering people every day in the name of their religion.

In 1943 - when the extermination of 6 million Jews was in full swing - a handful of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto refused to be willingly taken to the gas chambers and mounted a resistance against the German army that lasted 3 weeks before they were all killed. Now imagine if during the time of the  Warsaw ghetto uprising thousands of Nazis took to the streets of London every day (supported by the entire British media) and demanded that the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto be destroyed for daring to resist the Nazis. That is exactly what the current anti-Israel frenzy feels like and the analogy is not at all far fetched. The Palestinians - like the Nazis who they so admire - have made it very clear that they will not stop their terrorism until every Jew is dead; for daring to resist that the Israelis are cast as the Nazis while the antisemitic media - fed a pack of lies by the well mobilised Islamist-Socialist alliance -  showers its sympathy on the Palestinians casting them in the role of the persecuted Jews (even though Palestinian officials acknowledge that their missile offensive that began last month is a crime against humanity).

The world has turned upside down.

Update: How the Sun is stirring up the anti-Israel frenzy.

****Typical of the demos was this one outside the Israeli embassy where the demonstrators blocked the main street for hours and climbed on to a bus;  the Police never seem intervene and never make arrests. yet as I reported here when 800 (mainly Jews) wanted to hold a vigil outside the embassy in memory of the murdered Israelis teenagers the Police did not allow us to stand on the pavement in the main road outside the embassy - we were instead herded into a tiny side street.  This is a phenomenum I have reported on several times in the past (see e.g. here, here, and here)

Update: More pictures (but not especially interesting) from the demo here.

Update: How many casual antisemitic incidents like this one are going unreported in London?


  1. The last time the world went mad, a woefully small number of Jews fought back. This time, it appears that even less are willing to make a stand.

  2. they are sick, violent and aggressive. But we keep saying this among ourselves... It needs to get out there. Such hatred and violence on that man's purple face- ugh!

  3. Edgar, I'm very sorry to hear that your friend was attacked in this way. If possible could you please ask her to contact CST on 0208 457 9999 to report it directly to us in strictest confidence. We are collating examples of antisemitic incidents arising out of anti-Israel demonstrations (this is not the only one) so it would be helpful to speak to her. She can of course remain anonymous.

  4. Dave

    She sent an email to CST last night and says she will call that number today.

  5. And the police permit overt rabid antisemitic riots in central London.

    This is the end of Western civilisation, one I have been predicting for many years.

  6. amelia maaravi3:02 pm

    Well well well! London is waking up at long last. I remember on a visit to London from Israel many years ago with my 3 children we were caught up in a hot argument in Hyde park with a group of Muslims. At the time I said to my sister this looks the beginning of the end for England. The shot has hit the fan and they feel completely at home and allow themselves and are allowed to do things that in their homelands they would be stoned for. Rule Britannia. Please wake up!

  7. You Know, as much as I find some of the stuff israel does wrong what has happened according to this blog is totally and utterly disgusting. She must report it and must continue to pursue the people that did it. The police must be seen to acknowledge what has happened.

  8. The England of today is not the England I left 30 years ago. Once anti-Semitism is accepted and its blatant manifestations are permitted, Jewish life cannot thrive. To think that this was the country that absorbed 60,000 Jewish children on the Kindertransport, most of whom have contributed widely to British culture and government. Both the UK and France must take responsibility for allowing anti-Jewish rioters to run amuck. I feel so sad...

  9. Anonymous9:03 pm


    The same kind of antisemitic demos are now taking place in cities all over America as well as many other places in Europe. Caroline Glucj sums it up well here (the more genocidal the palestinians become) the more they are loved by the western media and leftists (and the more the Jews are hated):

  10. Anonymous9:45 pm

    in a country where a lot of the population are either watching the match, watching "Britain's got talent" or having a pint, or all of those, things can happen and no one will notice till it's too late.

  11. The fact the police are continuing to permit these muslim racist bastards to hold antisemitic nazi rallies... the fact the police seem reluctant to stop violence when it breaks out.... and even worse there seems to be no political will to condemn these actions and take action to stop it.... the community will soon need to consider its future in the UK. The shit has been hitting the fan for some time now.... I for one will not be waiting for a lot more evidence and clarity as to where this is going before making a move!

  12. I want to weep. Words fail me, I just feel pain in my heart.

  13. Jordan Jay10:44 pm

    Speechless. I sincerely hope all reading (and their friends and family) will attend the pro-Israel rally on Sunday 20 July 2 pm at the Israeli Embassy.

    Blogs and Facebook are a start though there needs to be a loud opposition that is voicing and being filmed for the purposes of the world knowing what is going on. The US, Israel and other Jewish communities around the world need to be aware of what is going on.

    We said Never Again after the Holocaust and now anyone with the slightest sensitivity to world events can see that we are going there all over again, cv's. We need to stand up as proud Jewish men and women and fight for what we believe in. It is not enough to wave a flag and say how much we love Israel. I don't think that's in doubt by 99% of Jews. We need to make it clear that we do not allow ourselves and our community to be bullied or intimidated and we need to begin/continue living Jewish lives, growing a step at a time in loyalty to G-d and His Torah.

    The Jews (and others) of 4 October 1936 rose up against the equivalent of those times - Oswald Mosley - and were successful.

    Lastly I would note that at the last demonstration police advised me for my own safety to walk an extremely circuitous route back to the station as you 'look Jewish' (I try to be as observant as I can). They chose to advise me to do this rather than ensure the necessary police protections were in place to ensure my safe passage to the tube station or the arrests of large numbers of the protesters for breach of the peace (or affray if it got really nasty). In other words, I believe the police are scared of these people (despite embassy police being armed).

    Now is the time to stand proud.

  14. Jordan Jay10:48 pm

    Please write to your MP highlighting the concerns you feel about being a Jew in this country.

  15. Anonymous1:30 am

    Protect the elderly & children! Defend yourselves!!!

  16. Anonymous3:07 am

    In America, someone would get shot. That purple faced guy would not have any teeth any more and his brains would see the light!

  17. Anonymous10:38 am

    stop believing in your government, start believing that only G-d can save us. The same is happening everywhere in diaspora.
    Emigrate to Israel.
    Even though we're being bombed, the Jews, at least, have a say over here.

  18. You don't say whether "Charlotte" reported these cowardly scum to the police and what the police said/did.

  19. Anonymous2:22 pm

    The police are a bunch of dickless wimps. The world needs to put an end to islam and the only way is the way they understand, by force and be hard. I think its time to follow one of the quoran, if someone pushes you hit them, if someone punches you kick them and if they kick you then you need to kill them
    A tough ass kicking jew who has no time for Islamic bull sh*t. Fight back fast and hard!

  20. To Babs:

    The one policeman who was nearby did nothing, but "Charlotte" has reported it to the Police - they are supposed to be contacting here some time.

  21. Anonymous6:46 pm

    I hope that your wife and you will use the court system to sue Londonistan for not protecting the citizens/public from these creatures of the humanoids. Using the law against them - will make someone wake up.

    Is there any wonder why Jews are leaving Eu-rabia? Finally!

  22. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Hahahah how pathetic to see you trying to equate Palestinians to Nazis when israel is the closest thing to a nazi state that has ever existed!! Stop with the delusions of persecution!! Israel is a thieving mass-murdering, land-stealing, ethnic-cleansing, illegal state that only exists on the persecution of the Palestinians. This is NOTHING to do with jews! People hate zionists not jews. A VAST number of jews oppose israel and its brutal illegal occupation.. only yesterday Israel in front of the world, murdered four small children running from bombs on a wide beach.. there is no doubt these boys were specifically targeted.. do you all weep for those boys as you weep for the alleged incident above? No. Rife double standards and hypocrity. Its hilarious how all the previous comments are blatently racist and anti-muslim in the extreme and yet at the same time you express concerns about anti-semitism

    1. Anonymous8:34 pm

      The Palestinian people are VICTIMS of Hamas! It suits these so called leaders to keep them down and using them as human shields! Poor housing, and their general living conditions would change overnight if they get rid of these evil people. They educate the Palestinians to believe that all their problems are the fault of Israel when it is they who perpetrate their misery! State it how it really is instead of encouraging Hamas's
      inhumane tactics!

    2. Anonymous10:55 am

      No. The Palestinians were a thriving economically well off people before the illegal invasion and occupation thus they would be correct in blaming israel for their problems. No one else is forcing them to live in poverty in a conjested prison camp and has stripped away almost all their human rights. No one else is murdering their families and children and actually this popular 'human shield' bull is just has been very well documented israeli soildiers using palestinian prisoners as human sheilds not the other way around. Please dont try and use the weak flawed inaccurate excuses of the israeli war machine. Some of us prefer to educate ourselves and look at the facts. Also the chemical gas israel are using against Palestinian civilians at the moment.. reminds me of germany not so very long ago

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. "the antisemitic media - fed a pack of lies by the well mobilised Islamist-Socialist alliance "

    Are you kidding? They willing and joyously swallow the swill and contribute and support the lies with fervor.

  25. The racism here from Jews is absolutely disgusting (talking about genocide of an entire religious group?!) and the arrogance to not be able see it unbelievable.

    You are both as bad as each other. Hopefully one day adults will stop having imaginary friends and all this bullshit will be dealt with much more easily.

  26. Anonymous12:28 pm

    So good to see justice being brought to Hamas criminals. Instead of building factories and schools,they build tunnels and rockets.
    Aiming rockets randomly at cities is a war crime. Using human shields for rocket launchers is a war crime.
    Congratulations to Israel for taking precautions to try avoid casualties.

  27. The anti semitic stuff that is going on in South Africa is atrocious too.

  28. Anonymous3:14 am

    I just read "muslim racist bastards", "purple face" "they are sick, violent" (using the same brush much). "The world needs to put an end to Islam" "Emigrate to Israel, the Jews at least have a say over there". (true they do have a voice there!)

    I am sad to hear about the lady being one should be singled out like that, or made to feel fearful when sharing their viewpoint. But at the same time please look at yourself - some of the comments here are very racist. It seems odd to criticize those who single out others based on religion, and yet be racist at the same time when doing so!!

    Another point, this is not a religious war. So why are people pretending it is. It is not jews vs muslims, Torah vs Quran!! Yet some of the comments suggest otherwise. This is an issue over land. Remember this.

    Last point, yes Israel is taking precautions to defend itself...yes killing over 300 people is just taking precautions! Completely justified to destroy 300 beating hearts, minds and souls. We can pretend it is just defense. Keep killing, just Palestinian blood, who cares! Kill kids, less likely to be psychologically disturbed and fight back in the future. If anything - this should be the main goal- long live forever growing Israel land. But I still find it hard to believe the majority of Israelis can justify this in their heart, I don't know why. I still think Israeli people will turn to their govt and say, shedding blood is not the way to do this. Defense can only be used for so long as an excuse, and at 300 lives to 5/10, perhaps it is time to stop using defense as the reason.

    Anyways I have - and I counted yesterday 9Jewish friends. And I know some are feeling cautious about the fact they are jewish and I hate that they are. Muslims feel cautious - especially when Al Qaeda are thriving- it makes muslims shameful and on their guard so I think if anyone can empathize- the muslims can! They feel like that a lot of the time! Origional point: This is not a religious war so let's not pretend it is and be racist in our approach.

  29. Anonymous11:48 am

    Now see what's. Disgusting. Just open the link and watch a young Jew speak out!

  30. Anonymous2:57 am

    I think the police are the ones to approach on this one. What they did seems like a crime.

  31. Anonymous3:00 am

    The cctv will suffice for battery charges. There are a few offences re the name calling which the police have to choose from.

  32. Anonymous3:17 am

    Radical Islam will overtake Europe! Muslims are 5% of total British population, but 14% of its prison inmates. Sadly, this pattern holds in all of Europe.

  33. Anonymous5:10 am

    This is the problem with this world everything is tit for tat, my mother is the same age as this "Charlotte". Me being Palestine american would not stand for such hate against any Jewish in my community of New Orleans,la. For we all are humans and should all help one another like god tells us to. l wish I was there to adsorb any assault that " Charlotte "may have experienced. I have a mother, a father, a sister, a brother and wouldn't want them to be assaulted in anyway shape or form. I have no place in my heart for hate or judgements for i am not god. We are all people sharing this world together and our differences should be embraced not criticized. Love and respect feels so much better than hate. I pray that all of this hatred between Jews and Palestinians and any other religion or race stops soon. God bless us and the human race. The only way we can truly enjoy this world together is if we treat everyone as if we were all blood and family.

  34. ... well 'anonymous' , I AM God, and I gotta tell you, this whole recent bit of action has been very entertaining! ... got my popcorn in the bowl, my feet up, my favorite bunny slippers on, watching it all on the Gawd Channel ...