Thursday, June 09, 2011

Following up on the Rules for Media Reporting on the Middle East

Having posted my Rules and Guidelines for reporting on the Middle East I realised that it creates plenty of interesting opportunities. Whenever I see examples of writing that conforms to the Guidelines I can simply post a message congratulating the writer for following my guidelines (and provide the link). I just tried out this strategy. First I looked at the BBC website. There were several recent articles that clearly conformed to the guidelines, but sadly there is no facility for posting comments. Next I tried the Guardian and there was a classic article, but sadly again comments were closed as it was more than 24 hours after the posting. So I ended up at the Huffington Post and found the following article:

After signing up I posted the following comment:

Thanks for this very insightful analysis of what happened on the Golan border. I can see that you are committed to the following guildlines:


I strongly recommend this to all Huffington Post readers as it provides some very easy guidelines on how to counter classic Zionist arguments in the media.


 I also noticed that the author of the article -  Sharmine Narwani - is a Senior Associate at St Anthony's College Oxford. So I posted the following email to the Warden of St Anthony's College:

Dear Prof MacMillan

I came across an article on the Huffington Post by one of St Anthony's Senior Associates Sharmine Narwani.

I am not sure if you pay Sharmine as a Senior Associate or if Sharmine teaches any of your students. Whatever the case it seems you could  get exactly the same service free of charge by simply applying the following guidelines, which Sharmine has simply learnt off by heart:

Yours sincerely

Edgar Davidson

I look forward to the response.


Juniper in the Desert said...

I suspect Sharmine is there courtesy of Saudi oil money, like Tariq Ramadan. Oxford University seems to be full of these types.

Mladen Andrijasevic said...

Excellent idea, I think we all should post the original link whenever we come across an article that follows the guidelines

Anonymous said...

Sharmine is there courtesy of Iranian oil money. Oxford University, like other universities in the West, is open for business and loves petrodollars. There is no honor, no dignity and no shame in academia, journalism and politics.

The idea is simply excellen and I liked it.