Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Questions to ask Muslims

The London bombings have led to all media outlets falling over themselves to a) get interviews with any Muslim 'spokesman' they can get hold of and b) to 'prove' that in reality 99.9999999% of Muslims are peace-loving citizens who love living in the UK.

One of the effects of this barrage of Muslim commentators has been further unchallenged demonisation of Israel. Given the opportunity to profess their abhorrence of the bombers, the standard Muslim response is to explain how the Muslims everywhere are naturally enraged by the "massacres of Muslims taking place in Palestine and Iraq". Note that this is the response of ALL of them not just fanatics like Omar Bakri. I have yet to hear one interviewer challenge such an assertion. The questions they should consider asking the so-called moderate Muslims are:

  • Do you believe that Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist?
  • Do you believe Israel has a right to exist?
  • Do you unreservedly condemn suicide bombings in Israel?
  • Why is your rage against the US and the UK in Iraq when the real massacres taking place there are ALL committed by Muslims against other Muslims?
  • In fact why are you enraged with 'foreign' influence in Iraq (meaning the US and the UK) when the atrocities are all being carried out by foreign Muslim suicide bombers (from Saudi, Iran, Pakistan, Syria etc) under the leadership of a Jordanian?
  • Why weren't you enraged when Saddam Hussain was massacring thousands of Muslims in Iraq and Iran over many years?
  • In fact come to think of it why aren't you enraged at the massacres committed by Muslims against other Muslims right now all over the world (Indonesia, Darfur, Malaysia)?

What's the bet that their answers to the first 3 questions would all be no, while they wouldn't even answer any of the others.

And while we're on the subject of asking Muslims questions, what I'd really like to know is the following: "Since you are all so convinced that it was the Israelis who carried out Sept 11th, how is that you also manage to praise Osama Bin Laden for it at the same time? Isn't there a bit of a contradiction here? And since Bin Laden has publicly taken credit for the attacks, does that mean that he is actually an Israeli agent. If so why do you all still love him so much that most of you name your baby boys after him? You do seem to be a bit mixed up on this one.


Jo said...

The only one who seems to be mixed up is you. I don't know any Muslims who have named their kids after Osama Bin Laden, so where do you get this from? lol and you claim we're into conspiracy theories?!
I won't answer any of those questions. Why should I? Just cuz am Muslim doesn't mean I have to waste my time answering what you should be researching yourself. I didn't kill anyone, and I don't plan to either, so how about you end your judgemental crap, and start doin some proper research before you go off ranting BS...

Dusty said...

I guess you shouldn't be letting your comments based on just scarce articles that you've read..what the Muslim leaders have commented does NOT represent the thoughts of every Muslim in this world..I hope you won't look at things so shallowly, giving only a one sided view..c'mon..not ALL Muslims are bad..yea..Osama is a terrorist..but that doesn't give you any right to condemn other Muslims..=)